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"Elise did a great job with my daughter's senior portraits on the beach. She was easy to work with and did a professional job. Thank you for great pictures!"  Meg Q. Hired Elise on Thumbtack June 21, 2022

"I can not describe how exciting it was with Elise. From the first moment of contact to the finishing of the project, Elise was always responsive and willing to work beyond. Her professionalism and work are touch-notch. If you are interested in appointing a photographer, I recommend Elise-EPIC Photography."  Calvin Y. Hired Elise on Thumbtack February 9, 2022 


"This Pro is truly what a professional is (or) should be but hard to find ! Going above and beyond the call of duty with not only the quality and patience put into the work ; but also with the guidance of the subject in achieving the better than best results . Last but NOT least is the incredibly reasonable cost that is charged for the amazing quality of the final finished product!"  Magarette B. Hired Elise on Thumbtack March 13, 2020

"Elise is an artist! She puts a lot of care and attention to detail into her work. She is very professional and worked well with my daughters and myself. Not only would I recommend her to others, I will definitely hire her again in the future." Sharon S. Hired Elise on Thumbtack June 14, 2019



"Elise did a fantastic job from start to finish. Everything from the introductory phone call, to the photo-shoot, to the lightning-fast turnaround time of the finished head shots. I couldn't be happier!Her professionalism and customer service were top notch. Highly recommend Elise for your professional photography needs."  John Burr, Operations & Business Development, Banking & Financial Services at Cognizant, April 16, 2019


"Elise made me feel comfortable as soon as I arrived in the parking lot of her studio where she greeted me. She had given me some suggestions of what outfits and jewelry to bring beforehand and patiently answered any questions I had. During the photo shoot she was very encouraging and helped me find my good angles. She is a pro with finding the right lighting and gently directing my poses to give to most flattering shots. It was a fun day and I enjoyed working her! She was timely with sending me proofs of the photos, editing and then sending the finals. Great customer service. Thank you Elise!  Janelle Correia, Economic Sanctions & Money Laundering Specialist, April 15, 2019


"A great experience."  Donald E. Lewis, Author The Book of Don,

February 24, 2019

"Elise is very easy to work with and she coaches you through the head shot process to make sure she is giving you the best possible product. Elise is a perfectionist, which when it comes to head shots, is a great thing. She has great energy and was awesome to work with --- will recommend to colleagues if they need to update their head shot!" Tyler Coppola, Investment Banking Analyst, Nov 16, 2018


"I highly recommend Elise. I was dreading having to do a photoshoot for my LinkedIn picture as I could never seem fake a smile for a photo. Elise, however, was able to help me with her expert advice and affable nature. The pictures came out amazing! As a young professional just starting out in my career, it of the utmost importance that I can present myself in the most professional way possible. I'm glad I trusted Elise, she made everything so easy, and the photos turned out terrific!" James Dooley, Aspiring Leadership Professional, Nov 4, 2018

"Elise was an absolute pleasure to work with! She was incredibly flexible with regard to the shoot (days, hours, locations, etc.). During the shoot itself, she went out of her way to make me feel comfortable, relaxed, and beautiful! I never felt rushed; she promised to take the time necessary to get the right shots. Elise's work was top notch and the pictures came out great! Her touch-ups were spot on. Also, her pricing was very fair and a great value. Overall, I was very pleased with my experience working with Elise and can't wait to do another shoot with her!" Allison N. Sept 5, 2018

"Elise is the right choice for professional headshots - she providesgreat coach and tips on the shooting sessions, making sure she cantake the best out of it. Her refreshing, contemporary style standsout in the pictures, really very well done! She is efficient, responsiveto clients needs and also very pleasant and fun to work with!" Thales M. Soares, Marketing & Strategy Operations Executive, Aug 17, 2018


"Elise is the right person to come to for professional photography.  She gives you that feeling of someone that's done this right many times before and you just follow her lead. She knows what you're looking for without you even saying a word. She sees value in personal marketing and knows all aspects of that business."  Ted Qarri, Inventory Control Coordinator | Efficient shrink reduction | Warehouse space optimization, Aug 1, 2018


Elise was amazing to work with. She was thorough, professional, responsive and her price was very reasonable. During the shoot, Elise was fun and put me at ease immediately. She had great ideas, took her time to get the best shots. I had more pictures then I had expected and ended up purchasing more because they were so good! It is without hesitation that I recommend Elise, I will definitely be using her service in the future! Krista M., June 9, 2018

"I worked with Elise to get some headshots and other pictures of me for my website and LinkedIn. I tend to get self-conscious when I know there's a camera on me, but Elise helped me to relax and smile more naturally. She was also great at prompting me to pose in ways that would look best for the finished product. The pictures turned out beautifully and really reflect who I am, rather than being boilerplate headshots."  Brennan C. Mallonee, LMHC, Therapist, February 14, 2018

"Elise is a true professional that cares about her work. She took so much time during the process to answer my questions and provide guidance and expertise. I'm so pleased with the finished product and would happily work with her again!"  Marina Noreck, Local Marketing and Community Engagement Lead at Capital One,  January 26, 2018

"As part of my transition I knew I needed to rebrand myself and put my best foot forward visually. It was a no-brainer to choose Elise after reviewing several proposals and photographer portfolios. Her work displays creativity and brings out someone's personality. It was important to me to have more than just, what I call, a "mugshot." Elise never rushed me and really took the time to try multiple lighting techniques and positions to get a variety from which to choose. For the first time I struggled to narrow down the number of shots to keep. It was worth going out of my way to Southbridge to work with her (she is willing to travel). I highly recommend Elise Capillo to anyone looking to have new photos taken."  Christine Roukey, Marketing & Communications Director, December 27, 2018

I" needed some headshots done and after interviewing a few professionals, I felt Elise was the right person for the job. She didn't disappoint at all, rather she exceeded what I was expecting of her. She is very friendly and makes you feel at ease, especially when you don't have any photoshoot experience. She brings in her experience and shows exactly the way to get great photos. She delivered the products in a very timely fashion and updated me on the status of the order in order to keep the communication level. I am very happy with the quality of the photos and would highly recommend Elise for your photos."  Dipankar Dasgupta,  Expert MDM/ETL & Data Warehouse Professional | Data Modeling | Business Process Analysis | Data Quality Solutions Leader  November 21, 2017


"I just got my finished photos from Elise Capillo. Amazingly the turn-around time was 8 days! Elise's communications have been great: prompt, thorough, and easily understood. During the shoot Elise really put me at ease and gave me excellent directions. As a budding model and actor, I have already received some rave reviews on my photos!"  Martin Pierce, Career Coach | Job-Search Strategist | LinkedIn Profile Writer & Strategist | Actor, Model & Voice Over Artist - November 10, 2017

I️ had a great interaction with Elise! She was one of several photographers who responded to my LinkedIn project for a headshot photo. After reviewing her work, I️ reached out and Elise replied within a few hours to setup an appointment. After some quick research, she offered a great location that was right down the street from me. Once in session, it was like catching up with an old friend. If you’re new to getting your picture taken like I️ was, being comfortable and laughing often while being is an important element! Once I️ saw the photos, it was hard to believe it was me, and Elise really listened regarding the appearance I️ was looking for and provided several options until things were just right. Definitely recommend Elise to anyone who’s in the market for a really great experience!  Luke Connery, Director of Business Development, November 9, 2017

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The Book of Don

"Elise did an outstanding job on the photography for our project at the United Way of Southbridge, Sturbridge & Charlton. The scope of work was extensive, involving shooting at 9 different locations over the course of two days. The images are being used for our new website launch. Elise shot the website front page photo as well as about 98% of the images in our company video that will also be featured on the website. She did an outstanding job, was very professional, excellent quality images and great turn around time. We highly recommend Elise!" - Mary O'Coin, Executive Director of The United Way, Southbridge, Sturbridge, Charlton Aug 22, 2017


"Elise is fantastic! I've never liked any photos taken of me, and hated the "posing" process. Elise was a true professional and put me at ease in front of the camera. Her skills with the camera, and her ability to capture the right angle at the right time was amazing. She made me look great on camera, which is no easy task. I highly recommend her. Thank you Elise for making me look good!!!" Laura H. May 24, 2107


Look no Further!

"I was in search of a photographer to update my professional head shot(s),  Through a mutual friend I was introduced to Elise.  She was fantastic to work with - she's very passionate about her craft and it showed during the Executive shoot. She was professional and easy to work with.  She selected some great spots (both inside and outside) and I couldn't be more impressed with the way my photos turned out.  Thank you Elise!"  Kevin O. March 8, 2017

A Fun Experience With A Wonderful Result!

"My photo shoot experience with Elise was outstanding! I got in touch with her because I needed a professional head shot, and I ended up feeling like a model! She gave me instructions during the shoot so I could look my best, and was very flexible regarding the place. Our original pick didn't work out, but she quickly adapted to a new site nearby, and it was great. The photos are beautiful, everyone who has seem them loved them. I highly recommend Elise not only for her unquestionable professionalism and talent, but also for the way she made me feel during and after the photos were done." Ana B. Dec 12, 2016  

Amazing Photographer!

"Elise is the best! We had our family holiday photos taken and she was amazing! Her easy going and upbeat personality made the whole process so much fun for our family of three-she made our 9 year old daughter feel like a super model! Elise's artistic eye resulted in some gorgeous photos which really took advantage of the rustic setting we were in.  Cannot recommend her enough!!" Krystin D.  Dec 10, 2016


"Elise creates photo magic. She did a photo shoot of my dog and me and was absolutely amazing. My six year old dog has always moved away from a camera. I had told Elise this even before the shoot. But she somehow brought out the very best in the dog and got her to "ham it up" in front of the camera. It was like she wanted to perform for this lady who instantly connected with the dog and kept her attention during the entire shoot. The photos she got were amazing and I have proudly shared them with many friends. I can offer only the highest praise for her talent, professionalism and amazing ability to catch "great moments" on film. Elise is a true professional.  Thank you, Elise."  Russ Dowd, Dec 15, 2016

"Any photographer can just take a picture; Elise on the other hand makes her pictures come alive. She has an eye for making breathtaking images. She made me feel comfortable and gives excellent directions for the perfect shot. As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Elise made me look and feel live a million bucks!" L. Anders Oct 1, 2016 


Look no further!! 

"Elise took a photo shoot of the two little girls I nanny for, and I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY!! It was extremely windy at the park that day, and I didn't think the pictures were going to come out, but they came out so well, that I started to cry! I wish I could give 10 stars!!! Elise absolutely goes above and beyond to make sure that her clients are satisfied. I will be recommending her for future photo shoots. THANK YOU, ELISE!! You have made my week!" Sarah J. Sept 29, 2016


Great photographer!! 

"I had Elise take some professional work related pictures for me. She did a great job of capturing the look I needed at a great price. I would strongly recomend her." Arni C. Sept 21, 2106


Highly Recommend! 

"Elise did my first photo shoot I ever did for my Blog,, I felt so comfortable with her shooting me, she taught me the basics of modeling and couldn't have been happier with the photos! I also hired her to do my son's senior portraits this year, those pictures came out so fabulous I actually cried viewing them! Well, Elise and I cried, bunch of softies!" Kristi M. Sept 7, 2016


This Photographer Knows What She's Doing!

"Elise has an incredible eye and a passion for shooting that are self-evident. My own experiences with her have been on two levels and I will definitely be going back for more. First, I was an utterly inexperienced "model" who needed some casual but professional shots for my web site. She chose really good locations and made great recommendations about what to wear, as well. More than that, she made me feel incredibly at-ease during the shoot, which isn't easy because I really don't like having my picture taken. In short order, we got exactly the shots I needed and more. Second, I discovered that Elise has an incredible collection of photos of Nature which were exactly what I wanted to use in a section of my web site. I wanted images that created feelings of peace and tranquility and had a difficult time narrowing them down to more than a dozen I used on the first round. With her permission, I've also used many of her images for advertising on social media, which always garner very positive responses. I'm ready for a round two on all fronts and Elise will be getting a call very soon." Steven M. Sept 5, 2106


"Elise is a wonderful photographer and puts her heart in her work, and this shows in the finish product. I hope she is able to show the photos she took of me, they are simply great. Leon Lashley July 26, 2016

“If you want to step up your marketing efforts, Elise Capillo does a great job.  Elise and her network of people can take on any project and bring it to life with sparkle…She is talented, creative and fair.”

Devon Glenn, President/CEO at Rockin Boxes Global, Inc. February 14, 2014



“Elise Capillo is an outstanding photographer that does great work.  I have had the distinct pleasure of using her services several times and have always come away impressed.”

Bene Benwikere, Sr. Marketing & Advertising Professional January 14, 2014

“I met Elise 6 months ago at a corporate training in Cleveland, OH and right from the start you could tell this woman had something very special about her.  Little did I know not only does she have immense experience with network marketing and b2b skills like no other but she could take pictures that captured moments I’ve never seen before.  Her professionalism, charismatic personality made the photo shoot comfortable and yet so enjoyable that she now will be doing all the photos on a go forward basis for our company and we will be recommending her to our inner circle on projects.  Thank you Elise for doing such a great job on the pictures and showing so much joy, love, integrity and service, you are the real deal and true pro of photography!”

Kyle Urfer, Vice President, Print & Promotions at Proforma, October 25, 2013

Ms. Capillo while doing a photo shoot under her direction put me at ease from start to finish. Her use of words while giving direction was key for how my photos turned out. Elise's eye for the use of background, lighting. Body language, facial expressions and the right clothing believe it or not played a critical role in the creation of the moment. Looking at my photos I couldn't even believe it was me I was looking at. My business and career benefited greatly in the use of my photos in brochures, business cards, website and more. Thank you again Elise for your gift of photography, my life has been enhanced in an incredible way. Robert Bethea RJB Sports Consulting, July 5, 2017

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