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Elise Newman Environmental Portrait


Creative spirit.  Idea generator.  Seeker of life's expressions in all things, people, business, sports, nature.

Elise Newman began her journey with photography from a very young age, shadowing her journalist father, Joe Capillo, while he was shooting news and sports photos.  As her first instructor, he taught her how to shoot a camera and also develop and print film in their in-home darkroom.   Photography education continued for Elise on the college level at Worcester State College along with a print and runway modeling career spanning 15 years.  Her love and knowledge of photography has continued to grow and expand today engaging clients in MO & IA..

In 1996 Elise began her outside sales and business development career helping businesses with marketing and branding, serving thousands of clients, businesses and brands nationwide in beauty, hair care, cosmetics, skincare, fashion, fitness and more.  As a commercial photographer she consistently brings all of her knowledge, ideas and inspirations for personal and business branding to her clients photo shoots and images.

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