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Gary & Virginia McKinstry

GVM Productions

"Epic Marketing Solutions was the only answer to successfully launch our new website!  With photo shoot to the finished website design, Elise made you feel like you were the only client in the room.  Never rushed, always considerate and patient.  Don't let that fool you, her business sense is right on target with the image you will want the professionals to see.  Prices in all aspects are reasonable, and affordable.  Highly recommend Epic Marketing Solutions for your business needs!  Thank you Elise.  It was our pleasure working with you!"  October 2019   

Sandra Polinak

Public and Internal Events Coordinator, Worcester Art Museum

"Elise has a unique vision and artistic point-of-view which allows her to create spectacular images. She is extremely professional, prompt with responses, and goes above and beyond to ensure clients are at ease. She was wonderful to work with! Whether you need professional photographs or full-tilt brand and/or reposition in the marketplace, I wholeheartedly recommend Elise and Epic Marketing Solutions."  August 2, 2018

Bruce Marshall

General Manager

"Our website for the radio station hadn't been updated in more than 10 years and was in need of an overhaul. It had lots of problems because of multiple people working on it over the years and it was outdated. Elise designed a new website for us and over the course of a year our views shot up to over 18K. We then added an FM frequency which necessitated a rebrand. Elise designed another new website design, a new logo, custom graphics for Facebook posts, weekly updates, event photography and head shots for the DJ's at the station all of which has made a huge difference in the overall look of our branding. Not only does she have amazing insight into our business but her work is top notch with great customer service. We highly recommend her services!"  July 2, 2018

David Luyendyk

Yellow House Design, Inc.

"Elise was great to work with. She was clear in her communications, showed up on time to the shoot, and was very responsive in getting proofs and final photos to us. She was accommodating working with our client and was a good sport about getting up on a forklift to take photos. I would certainly hire her again." May 10, 2018

Steve Lachowetz

"After a bad experience with another marketing company, we began work with Elise on a referral. She listens well and is able to convert our ideas to layout and hard copy, is a pleasure to work with and goes the extra mile to insure satisfaction. In the end we got exactly what we wanted at what we consider to be a very reasonable price on a timely basis. In today's world it is difficult to find anyone with the level of customer service we experienced working with Elise. In our view you can't go wrong!" February 12, 2018

Rashif Al-Mahmood

Help Desk Senior Consultant Clark University

"I had the pleasure of working with Elise to coordinate a LinkedIn photo shoot for the Finance Club at my College. The shoot was for 17 people. She was extremely responsive and very easy to work with. She was very enthusiastic through the whole process and everyone was pleased with the quality of her work. I would invite her again for something similar." December 20, 2017

Matt Lourie

Project Manager at James & Matthew

"I recently worked with Ms. Capillo for an on-site residential photoshoot.   Elise thought of things that would never have crossed my mind, such as the weather. She was easy to work with, stayed in constant communication throughout the project and provided an exceptional product that impressed not only our client, but our agency team, and the property owner." October 16, 2017

Mary O'Coin

"Elise did an outstanding job on the photography for our project at the United Way of Southbridge, Sturbridge & Charlton. The scope of work was extensive, involving shooting at 9 different locations over the course of two days. The images are being used for our new website launch. Elise shot the website front page photo as well as about 98% of the images in our company video that will also be featured on the website. She did an outstanding job, was very professional, excellent quality images and great turn around time. We highly recommend Elise!" - August 22, 2017

Michael Franchino

Franchino Photography - Los Angeles, CA

"Wow. Things were downright sleepy in comparison until when Elise showed up. She immediately jumped in, got all these balls in the air and amazingly caught each one. Its a very special and appreciated talent. She is a tenacious achiever with unbridled creative energy.” - Michael Franchino, Photographer, June 26, 2013


Devon Glenn

President, Luxury Logistics Group (formerly Rockin' Boxes Global)

"If you want to step up your marketing efforts- Elise Capillo does a great job. Elise and her network of people can take on any project and bring it to life with sparkle...She is talented, creative and fair."

- Devon Glenn, President/CEO at Rockin Boxes Global, February 14, 2014

Suzanna Kennedy

President, Reality Crafting - Hawaii

"Simply put, Elise is a rainmaker.  She brings in new business almost by magic.  I don't know how she does it, but whenever she focuses her attention on my business, new clients or cash starts flowing from unexpected sources.  She intuitively knows where I am stuck and what to do to get things flowing.  She is creative in her solutions and always right on with her advice.  She is a highly valuable asset to any organization and if you bring her on board, be ready for unlimited expansion!  Suzanna Kennedy, President, Reality Crafting - Hired Elise as a Business Development consultant Dec 13, 2012

Harrison Greene

President, Unique Selling Systems

"Elise Capillo is a consummate, professional, consultative sales person. She is one of the finest, if not the finest, sales person I have had the pleasure of knowing. Here is what makes Elise great: She knows how to listen (a rarity for a sales person), she thoroughly understands the need that lies beneath the expressed need, and she recommends solutions that are almost irresistible because they are so right on. She doesn't have to ask the client to buy, they ask how they can. Not many sales people have that ability. If you have an opportunity to hire Elise and don't, you will miss a real treasure generator for your company."- Harrison Green, President Unique Selling Systems, March 30, 2010



Alan Justice

Alan Justice Photo Imaging - Los Angeles, CA

"Elise is a strong motivator. Her eye for business and working with clientele is eagle sharp. She has helped and encouraged me in my budding business and is a constant source of new ideas and contacts. Truly, she is a boon to my creativity and I am honored to work with her."  - Alan Justice, Photographer

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